How to submit article for the competition?

QuestionsCategory: Medical ArticlesHow to submit article for the competition?
Medical-JunctionMedical-Junction Staff asked 1 week ago

Heard about article writing competition presented by Medical-Junction. How can I submit my article?

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Medical-JunctionMedical-Junction Staff answered 1 week ago

Great opportunity for you. Medical-Junction presents ‘Article Writing Competition’ on trending Medical Topics. Write articles on your own and win exciting prize (Amazon gift voucher/ Paytm cash).

How to submit articles :-

1. Write articles in microsoft word or google docs and send it to our mail address Or Whatsapp – +918250617057. Please mention your Name, Institution and Contact details along with Whatsapp Number of yours.
2. Articles must be at least 150 words, otherwise it will be rejected.
3. One can submit not more than two articles for this competition. 
4. Articles must be medical related.
5. Topics can be selected by your own or  you can choose from the list below.
6. Copyright or vulgar content will be rejected.
7. Only the articles which meets our criteria will be published.

Topics :-

1. Any Disease / Disorder / Rare cases
2. Any Clinical Procedure
3. Sexual Health
4. Mental Health
5. Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning and Doctors
6. Doctor – Patient Relationship
7. Experience as a Doctor
8. 5 years of MBBS life
9. Life of a doctor
10.  Experience as an Intern
11.  Any memorable event in your medical life.
12.  Diabetes / Obesity / Tuberculosis
13.  Inspiring story of a Doctor.
14.  How to prepare yourself to crack PG entrance
15.  Preparation tips for MBBS Prof.

Rewards :-

1. Top 5 contestants will get the exciting prizes and a certificate from us.
2. All the submitted articles will be published in our website and social media.

Last Submission Date – 15th Sep 2019
Result Publication Date – 5th Oct 2019

Contact us for any kind of information regarding this at
Email –
Whatsapp – +918250617057