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Esophageal Stricture

An esophageal stricture refers to the abnormal narrowing of the esophageal lumen. It often presents as dysphagia commonly described by

Sturge Weber Syndrome

Sturge-Weber Syndrome (SWS) (encephelotrigeminal angiomatosis) is a congenital, non-familial disorder caused by the GNAQ gene mutation. It is characterized by

Osgood-Schlatters disease (OSD)

Osgood Schlatter disease, also known as osteochondrosis or traction apophysitis of the tibial tubercle, is a common cause of anterior

Clinical MCQ 8

An anxious mother brings her 4 year old son to the ER after he developed a bad cough that afternoon.

Urethral duplication

Urethral duplication (UD) is a rare anomaly usually seen in males and often associated with genitourinary and gastro-intestinal anomalies. Clinical

Clinical MCQ 9

A 56 year old man presented to the emergency department with a history of fever and weakness for the past