How to study anatomy in first year?

“A school child should be taught grammar for the same reason than a medical student should study anatomy”


Well, starting your new journey of life as a medicos , this question is one of the most frequently asked.

So , anatomy is divided into parts kinda head and neck, upper limb, lower limb, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, neuroanatomy, embryology and histology.

  • From kabir singh(movie) anatomy lessons who taught us by creating diagrams on arm and forehand, exactly like that you need to visualize and associate it to your own body.
  • Start making goals to achieve before sleeping just have a idea of what you can complete the next day. This will enhance your time management too.
  • After that , referring to books B.D.CHAURASIA is considered as the most ideal book. This book will help you to get the divisions of each section of anatomy. For instance , while studying muscles you can make up for origin, insertions, nerve supply, actions. For arteries you should have points to monitor on like its origin,course,relation,branches ,and clinical importance.
  • In b.d.chaurasia book after some topics there are pages guiding you to make your personal model to understand better. For instance there is page after reading ears anatomy ,you can simply tear and make your own model within 5-10 minutes. And then try to revise .

  • For diagrams ,best book you can refer is VISHRAM SINGH and NETTER’S ATLAS and GRAY’S ANATOMY. Always have a correct representation of diagram while studying . This subject is very important to have assess towards surgery.
  • VISHRAM SINGH i think is best for neuroanatomy personally .
  • If you are a fresher , make diagrams by yourself and make a correct imagination.
  • Just go through online resources for anatomy representation . You can have some dissection videos at youtube. Apart from that there are apps which allow you to have 3-D representation.
  • After reading one section like upper and lower limb just go through previous year exam question paper to know the important and particular exam asking patter.
  • Make your own mnemonics to remember.
  • Have a group discussion with your friends to improve your learning skills and will boost up to memorize them . If you are shy or cannot have group discussion due to any other reason teach yourself in mirror.
  • For neuronanatomy you can make flashcards for diagrams.
  • Last and most important, try to relate everything clinically, like its clinical importance . For example ,while reading upper limb brachial artery . Its is clinically important in measuring blood pressure.
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Wonderfully explained


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