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Crest Syndrome Criteria

Mnemonic: “C R E S T” C: Calcinosis R: Raynaud’s phenomenon E: Esophageal motility S: Sclerodactyly T: Talengiectasias

NSAIDS Contraindication

Mnemonic: “NSAID N: Nursing mother S: Serious bleeding A: Allergy/Asthma I: Impaired renal function D: Drug (anticoagulation)

Varicose Veins Symptoms

Mnemonic: “AEIOU” A: Aching E: Eczema I: Itching O: Oedema U: Ulceration/ Ugly (LDS, haemosiderin, varicosities)

Causes of Clubbing

Mnemonic: “CLUBBING” C: Cyanotic heart disease L: Lung disease (hypoxia, lung cancer, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis) U: UC/Crohn’s disease B: Biliary cirrhosis