All about our teeth

I will talk about our teeth in a wide range. Our teeth has greatimportance than we can possibly imagine. They help maintain our stature, good looking face, a catchy smile and most importantly, chewing food. Maintaining our natural teeth is very important since artificial teeth are very expensive and not very much effective or reliable, since there are food you can’t chew or bite using artificial teeth. This is because, they are not necessarily rooted to your skeleton, and therefore they might come off. An adult human has 32 teeth while kids between 6-15 years have 28.In early age, children have milky teeth which are deciduous or which shed off later. Grown-ups have permanent teeth .They don’t come-off easily unless removed. The teeth are held together by the gum (red in colour) .They are clearly visible when someone opens his/her mouth.

Types of teeth

Incisors:-They are located at the front part of our mouth. They are four (4) at the upper jaw and four (4) at lower jaw, making a total of eight (8).They are used for biting food.

Canines:-They are located right after canines at lower and upper jaw. They are two (2) at each jaw making a total of four (4).They are usually separated from each other by canines on each jaw. They are used for holding and tearing food especially food with lots of fibre or flesh.

Premolars:-They located between the canines and the molars. They are four (4) in number on each jaw computing a total of eight (8) in number. They are usually separated from each other in pairs on both sides of the jaws. They are used to chew and grind food.

Molars:-They are located at the furthest ends of the jaws and the mouth. They are four (4) in each jaw and eight in total. They are also used to chew and grind food.

Problems associated with teeth and ways to curb them

Tooth decay

This is the weakening or softening of the tooth enamel that results to tiny holes developing on the top surface of the teeth .The plaque’s bacteria break down the sugar in our mouth(necessarily on our teeth) on the tooth. This can be prevented by avoiding to eat sweet or sugary food which leave the sugar substances that results to the reactions between the chemical components in a tooth and the sugar. Also, one should make it a norm to eat food rich in calcium and phosphorus to secure strength of their teeth’s enamel and acids are produced which starts reacting with the enamel. This results to tiny holes developing.

Tooth cavity

A tooth cavity is hole that develops in a tooth due to a mature or prolonged decay. The minerals in the enamel are depleted in a very rapid rate and therefore the enamel grows weaker and weaker. Due to plaques bacteria’s produces acids which enlarges and deepens the tiny holes in our teeth and cavity comes along. The solution can be abstinence from consumption of sugary food, junk foods which are always sweet and soft drinks which are extremely sweet. If the problem has already occurred, it can be treated in a hospitalby a dentist but if the problem persist, there is no other

Bleeding gum

It is also called Gingivitis. This is a gum diseases. It brings about inflammation and weakness of our gum. This disease is totally dependent to plague since it comes about due to a mature plaque in the teeth. Whenever you brush your teeth, one bleeds because of the weakness of the gum. In extreme stages and conditions, your teeth might even fall off quite easily. The only prior way to ensure that this disease does not get the better part of you in future is to ensure your teeth brush your teeth well to avoid food materials being left in your teeth which can result to plaque. If a toothbrush can’t do this effectively, there is always a dental floss (a certain thread) meant and designed to clean in-between your teethmore easily and effectively.

In conclusion, we have learnt that teeth are very sensitiveand requires maximum attention as they deserve it. In order to prevent the problems discussed above, the most basic thing we should do are; Brush your teeth after every meal, avoid consuming sugary and extremely sweet food and finally eat healthy and visit the dentist regularly for check-ups.

Also, in case a permanent tooth or teeth is removed from your mouth, make sure to refill that position by a dentist to ensure that this won’t be the bleeding ground and home for bacteria’s which can shift to the next tooth in line. This is a pre-cautious measure.

When you observe the above simple things, you won’t have teeth problems in future. We should make it our daily chore and responsibility to look after our teeth.


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