Can I live an active lifestyle while seated?

If you are at working age now and your job is more of sitting than standing or moving around or probably you are physically handicapped. Well, don’t pity yourself anymore.You won’t get obese or inactive. Today, I have a revival response for your questions.

Can I live an active lifestyle while seated? Yes you can! It’s simple, just follow through the process below on what to do and thank me later.

Nowadays, most jobs are digitalised and requires one to be seated at their work space operating his or her computer for quite a long time. Breakfast and lunch are brought on your desk hence you don’t get even a chance to walk a few yards atleast. When going home, you walk few strides to your car or the bus station and therefore, you don’t walk home. Basically, your entire life almost revolves around sitting and little walking and standing. For those with health complications, maybe they have wheel chairs or where you sit on, you don’t have to worry anymore, a solution is here for you.

As you know, exercises and physical activities are quite essential in securing our survival since they help renew ourselves. Dead and inactive cells are ejected out of our bodies through sweating and also it helps our muscles stretch. This is what you do.

When it comes to seated exercises, you need a chair, four-legged and should be stable so that you can avoid falling.Also to enhance your comfortability, the chair should have an armrest. That is all you need and maybe a glass of water.

You can do variety of exercises;

Seated row. One sit on the edge of the chair that will help in providing enough range of motion where one is supposed to stretch the arms to the front while the elbows are bent and thumbs positioned toward the top of the roof or sky. You are supposed to repeat this several times.

Neck stretch. In this kind of an exercise, you should use a chair without an armrest. Then, you sit firmly in a stationery position, tilt your head gently towards your left arm downwards until you feel a stretch or some pressure. Do the same towards the right arm until you feel a stretch too. Repeatthis for several times like ten or more.

Shoulder circles. Sit steady and upright. Place your finger tips on your right shoulder and start circling forward for several times and do it in the anticlockwise direction. Thenmove to the left shoulder and replicate what you had done to the right.

Shoulder rotations. Sit upright and upright. Stretch your arm out a little bit then move your shoulder upwards towards your ear. Commence to move it upward, back, down and frontward then back to the top. Increase a little bit velocity in this circular movement both clockwise and anticlockwise. What you do to one shoulder, do it to the other.

Importance of the exercises:

They help in the perfect flow of in blood circulation in our bodies’ hence proper distribution of nutrients throughout the body evenly.

They assist to ensure the loosened muscles are boosted and compacted together so that one can be able to carry out activities which requires muscles.

They also raise a low self-esteem and redeem you from self-pity and make you realize how much you can do despite the disadvantage you might think you have.

The exercises also help boost your memory and jog your mind, therefore, you don’t become dull or inactive.

Hey, we should not despise ourselves considering the disadvantage that we might think we have. As you have seen above, we can do pretty as much as we can do when standing. It really doesn’t matter whether you are standing or seated, the exercises done at both positions are equally important to the body, so start today and you will notice a difference with time.

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