Clinical MCQ 7

A 27 year-old female comes to the OPD with complain of inability to conceive for the first nine months after marriage. She has a clear vaginal discharge for the past 3 days. She is sexually active with one partner. Menstrual flow is five days long, and cycles are regular, occurring every 28 days. The patient has no relevant past medical history, other than a cough two weeks ago, for which she was given antibiotics. She takes no medications other than folic acid supplements. During a pelvic examination, the cervical os is visualized and shows a clear, mucoid vaginal discharge. What is the most likely cause of the patient’s current symptoms?

A. Cervical mucus plug

B. Bacterial vaginosis

C. Proximity to ovulation

D. Chlamydia


Right Answer is C


When the menstrual cycle is in the late proliferative phase and nearing ovulation, the cervix will secrete a clear, thin mucoid discharge. The discharge may be described by patients as looking like a raw egg white. These changes in cervical secretions make the vagina less acidic and create a less hostile environment for the sperm to reach the uterus in order to conceive.There are crypts within the cervix that allow for the secretion of this cervical mucus during the late proliferative phase.After ovulation occurs, the cervical mucus will become thicker and will be harder for the sperm to penetrate through.

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