How to maintain your daily healthy diet?

If you are thinking being busy with work ignoring your health is simply part of your life, think twice! In todays busy schedule you often easily forget about taking care of your health and giving your body the minimum attention it wants. Your mind and your body is the most important thing keeping you living all day long. It’s never to late to start something good. So, here I have given some very basic and really helpful healthy diet schedule to keep you fit and energetic in your busy schedule.


There is a common proverb saying ”When it starts well it ends well.” Try these basic guidelines every morning you wake up-

  1. SQUEEZE A LEMON INTO A GLASS OF LUKEWARM WATER and drink it as soon as you get up.

Drinking lemon on an empty stomach will help your body flush out toxins. Lemon cleanses your liver and increases your livers capability to metabolise fat, thus helps reduce weight. Lemon also helps in digestion, fight against infectious pathogens and prevent cancer.


Dont stay in empty stomach for a long time, this might suppress your body function and leave you weak. A cup of tea will serve you with a lot of antioxidants and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, boosting your immune system, help you battle cancer and obviously lose weight!


The plate should consist of about 25% PROTEIN, 25% CARBOHYDRATE AND 50% FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. One or two free range boiled or poached egg makes an ideal breakfast choice, natural yoghurt, unsalted nuts are also a good option. Try choosing minimally processed foods that raise blood sugar levels gradually and give you more energy for longer. Try one or two pieces of wholegrain bread or half to three quarters of a cup of porridge or cereals made from oats, amaranth or buckwheat. Always try to prefer fresh seasonal fruits and the serving of fruits should weight 150gms. Choosing an out of track fatty food sometimes won’t harm your body.


Often in the middle of day, a few hours before having lunch you might feel hungry (It is normal). You can eat any of these foods-

  • A hot cup of soup
  • A freshly prepared salad
  • Some dry fruits
  • Smoothie or juice (preferably coconut water)


The ideal lunch should contain a mixture of vitamins, minerals, fat, carbohydrates and protein. Carbohydrates and fat provide energy and protein is essential for the structure and function of the body.

A good lunch will provide enough energy to sustain you throughout the afternoon. The key is not to eat too many carbohydrates.

Here is a basic lunch idea that will keep you healthy, fit and definitely reduce weight.

One small bowl of rice/ 3 piece chapati(wheat) + one bowl full Dal + one bowl cooked mixed vegetable curry + chicken/meat/fish + curd (you may add a bit of sugar to taste) + fruits.


Drink a glass full of water followed by a cup of green tea with two marie biscuit.

If you are too hungry for food then you can have a grilled brown bread sandwich with salad or you can eat some cereals like cornflakes. Try to avoid oily food like bhujia, pakora or fried food.

Drink plenty of water in the evening and avoid drinking much after 10 pm as it may increase your tendency to urinate at night disturbing your sleep.


A healthy dinner plan can help you avoid making unhealthy last-minute food choices. Organize your dinner plans by creating weekly menus and making a shopping list based on your meal plans.

A balanced dinner includes two to three servings of fruits and vegetables, a serving of whole grains and a lean protein option. Include 1 cup of milk with your dinner if you need help getting the recommended amount.

For example, you may have 2-4 atta rotis + one bowl vegetables + one or two pieces of fish/ few small pieces of chicken + one banana

Avoid drinking water in excess amount after dinner. Just try to keep yourself hydrated when required.


You may drink a cup of lukewarm milk mixed with 2 spoons of honey and one tablespoon of haldi powder.

Benefits of haldi in treatment of-

  • Respiratory illness

  • Cancer

  • Inflammation

  • Cough and cold

  • Arthritis

  • Aches and pain

  • Antioxidant

  • Blood purifier

  • Liver detoxification

  • Others

Benfits of honey is in-

  • Skin disorder

  • Stamina

  • Bone health

  • Insomnia

  • Antibacterial effect

  • Antiageing effect

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