Why can’t HIV be cured?

This is a very important question we usually encounter in our day to day lives. Sometimes from grieving families asking this bitter question as they watch and witness members of their family ending up in the tombs or as ash after they die of the infection led by this deadly virus in the deceased bodies.

What is HIV? HIV stands for;




As you can see above, the name speaks for itself. It’s a human virus that weakens or defies the immune system of a human being. The virus works tirelessly as soon as it penetrates its way into the body or immune system of a human being, to jeopardize the mission of the white blood cells together with the rest of defense system of a body leaving the body weak and vulnerable to other opportunistic diseases. Examples of this opportunistic diseases are typhoid, Malaria, Tuberculosis and others.

The reason as to why HIV virus cannot be healed lies entirely in the stature/structure and components of the virus and the components of our bodies. Human beings are part of the primitives or Ape family. For this reason, they possess a very unique cell which is absent in other animal species called the T-cell.

Taking advantage of this, the HIV virus which owns a very unique trait and capability of adapting to new hosts very quickly by implanting itself in the immune’s system cell’s DNA of a human being and starts replicating itself immediately. It harbors in the T-cells which acts as a home for the virus hence favoring and encouraging its growth and perpetuation. The presence or absence of the T-cell in an organism is the explanation behind why some species get infected by the HIV virus whereas others don’t. For instance, mosquitoes don’t get infected by the virus despite them sucking blood from HIV positive hosts.

On early stages when the virus is being introduced into the hosts body and implants itself in the T-cells, the T-cells goes to a resting memory mode and a latent reservoir is formed. This latent reservoir is actually why the virus grows invisible for some time but when the victim fails to take the medications prescribed by the doctor to keep the virus in this sleeping mode, the ARVs, the virus which is already rejuvenated, arises and starts to severely weaken the body. It also summons other diseases like Malaria and they work hand in hand to drive the victim to the last stage and now, it’s impossible to cure it and unfortunately, the patient must die.

It’s in everyone’s dream, that scientists or someone might one day get a thought to know how to curb this virus and somehow destroy it or put it to a sleeping mode forever, never to wake and never to bother.

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