Rheumatic Fever Diagnostic Criteria Mnemonics

“Rheumatic fever (RF) is an inflammatory disease that can involve the heart, joints, skin, and brain. The disease typically develops two to four weeks after a streptococcal throat infection.”

Duckett-Jones Diagnostic Criteria: “The revised Jones criteria are guidelines decided on by the American Heart Association to help doctors diagnose rheumatic fever.


“CASES” is the Mnemonic.

Carditis – tachycardia, murmurs (mitral/aortic regurgitation), pericardial rub.
Arthritis – migratory flitting polyarthritis, usually larger joints.
Subcutaneous nodules – small, painless, mobile nodules on extensor surfaces.
Erythema marginatum.
Sydenham’s chorea.


“FRAPP” is the Mnemonic.

Raised CRP/ESR.
Arthralgia (unless arthritis is included in major criteria).
Prolonged PR interval (unless carditis included in major criteria).
Previous rheumatic fever.

Graphical presentation for easy remembering


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