Why cancer is proving to be quite challenging to cure

Cancer is a kind of illness which has recently emerged and become quite popular in the entire universe. It is one of the most unique and really dangerous since it comes in quite a handful of varieties. It is also among the top five killer-diseases in the entire world. We have a variety of cancers; skin cancer, prostate cancer, throat cancer, lungs cancer, blood cancer (leukaemia), breast cancer, colon cancer and others.

Cancer is therefore defined as a collection of diseases which is characterized or identified by abnormal growth of cells in our bodies.

There are different reasons why cancer is becoming very hard to eliminate and cure. Apparently, anyone who is diagnosed of any kind of cancer is probably attending or going through relevant therapies prescribed by the doctor. Most of these therapies are very helpful but they don’t really cure the disease for eternity or rather eliminating it from the body completely. What most of the therapies really do as it has been proven by researchers on different patients, they remit the cancer inside you. Remission means that there are very few signs of cancer in the body. There is also complete remission where there are completely no signs of cancer in the body, Remission does not really mean that the cancer has been healed, the state is only for a period of time, roughly between 4-5 years. After that period, he signs commence to show up in the body of the patients again.

Scientists have been working day and night trying to identify what really makes the cancer cells very difficult to fight and eliminate. In the process of doing this, they must of course study the structure of the cancer cells. They have done this and in their findings, they think they know why the cancer cells are hard to cure.

These are the reasons why treating cancer and curing it completely is near to impossible.

Evolution of the cancer cells

Scientists have discovered that the cancer cells you will observe today in a specific part of the body and start therapy for, are not the same type of cancer cells you will get next time you screen the same part. The cells will have advanced from the state they were in the previous screening and the previous prescription will be obviously useless. The developments of the cells happens very rapidly.

The Number of cancer cells is very high

When cancer cells starts growing in one part or organ, they make sure that they dominate in the entire organ within the shortest time possible to increase their chances of survival even if the immune system of the body tries to fight them. This one makes it very difficult for the medicine administered or the kind of treatment used to entirely finish the cells off.

Structural variations of the cells

The cells create copies of themselves so it becomes very difficult to identify the cells and start the right treatment. The different variations can either be deletions, duplications or insertions in their DNA.

Different types of cancers might be present in one person

A person can suffer from different types cancers and this can prove to be quite a challenge to treat. A body cannot withstand different and t the same time many therapies especially when they are for cancer. The body’s immune system and the cells involved are taken over completely by the rapidly multiplying cancer cells hence weakening the patient’s immune system and medicine cannot rekindle it. This makes the body vulnerable and definitely gives in to cancer and it impossible to cure it.

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