Bee Venom Therapy

Most people associate bee with honey. It has many medicinal effects. Indeed, tea with honey has long been a remedy of choice for sore throats. But another bee product BEE VENOM used to treat some illness. The therapy which imposed with bee venom is callled “Apitherapy

What is Apitherapy?

Honey bee venom, injected subcutaneously, can provide relief to patients suffering from chronic pain conditions, including joint pain from arthritis, low back pain, and neck pain.

History of Apitherapy

The ancient therapy was initiated in egypt and reported in the history of europe and asia. Hippocrates used bee venom to treat joint pain and arthritis. However the modern study of apitherapy, specifically bee venom, was initiated through the efforts of Austrian physician Phillip Terc in his published results “Report about a Peculiar Connection Between the Bee stings and Rheumatism” in 1888. Since then bee venom therapy has ebbed and flowed.

How it works?

The venom, named apitoxin, is made up of various proteins and constituents believed to temporarily create a localized, therapeutic inflammation that leads to pain reduction. Although research has not identified the exact mechanism through which apitoxin works, the following physiological effects have been proposed:

  • Combined pro-inflammatory & anti-inflammatory effects
  • Increased cortisol production
  • Increased circulation
  • Local anticoagulant effect
  • Analgesic effect

Current Health Claims

Apitherapy is widely promoted as having a wide range of health benefits, including the ability to treat multiple sclerosis, to alleviate various types of pain, and to boost general wellbeing.  Such claims are not supported by medical evidence. There is evidence apitherapy may worsen the course of multiple sclerosis.

Adverse Reactions 

The greatest risk of allergic reactions including anaphylactic shock, which can cause a person to stop breathing. Though only a small percentage of the population is allergic to bee venom, it is very important that the person is tested for a bee sting allergy before the treatment.


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