Recommended Books for Final Year MBBS

Final year is the most crucial year in your MBBS life. This previous statement is shown everywhere in the internet. But I must say don’t take pressures or lose hopes by reading such study guides. For me it was not that tough to pass MBBS Final Prof. Why? Because you already have an overall concept, which you have gained through the last four years. When you apply those concepts during reading final year books, you’ll find that it already covers 30% of the topic. And also most of the subjects of final year are practical basis. So if you watch online videos or follow good medical related Instagram pages, it will help you a lot.

I’m quite diverted from the topic of this post. Sorry for that. But before making any decisions to buy books, these things should be kept in your mind. I always recommend the books which are easy to understand and graphical. Because reading line by line without any graphical presentation will be monotonous to anyone on his/her first reading. Of course this thought varies from person to person.

So the books, I listed here will have these features –

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Graphical Presentation
  3. Larger text size with Bold words

But Before going to the main discussion I’m attaching few points which I follow before studying anything. These things somehow workout for me.. Hope you do too..

  1. Meditate routine basis.
  2. Be confident. Avoid negative influences. Take suggestions from your immediate seniors.
  3. Study the previous year question papers and find out important topics. Mark those in your book.
  4. Stick to one good book for reading.
  5. Take help of the google images and Youtube videos for better understanding.
  6. After reading the topics, discuss with your friends. It will help to memorize the topic.


Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine

I make this book as a Primary. I know that everyone will say what is this!!! Because there are no such articles where this book is listed. But trust me this book has those features which I already mentioned before. So for me I suggest everyone to study the topics from this book. Though this will not give you so much concept like Harrisons. But in Harrisons, the concepts they given has already achieved by you in your last 4 years. That’s why it looks big. And also you don’t have so much time to find out important lines and write down in exam hall. But remember that questions in the exam are set from Harrisons and Davidsons. So keep Davidsons aside for reference.

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Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine

Recommended for reference book. You can make this book primary too. It completely depends on you.

Buy from Amazon : Click Here

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine

Though this book is a complete package I don’t recommend this book as a Primary book. Because you have no such times to read all the topics. You will have to give importance to other subjects too. You are not going to pursue Medicine in post graduate or if you, then also you have to read the latest edition of Harrisons on that time. So there is no need to read the whole book and lose your valuable time.

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Medicine Practical Book

For practical exams there are many books you can buy. I read Bedside clinics in Medicine by Arup Kumar Kundu” as this book is very much popular for West Bengal Health University students. This book is also very good for the Indian Medical students. It has clinical pictures with easy understanding and point wise topics.

Buy from Amazon : Click Here

Practical Guidelines Books

Arup Kundu Practical Book is good for the concept and understanding. But for International guidelines of examining any system, I suggest Macleod’s Clinical Examination” or Hutchison’s Clinical Methods”. 

Buy from Amazon (Macleods) : Click Here

Buy from Amazon (Hutchison’s) : Click Here


SRB’s Manual of Surgery

Most of the students follow this book as his/her primary one. I also recommend this book. This book have 3000 original self-explanatory clinical photographs and illustrations. Surgical anatomy has been included wherever necessary.

Buy from Amazon : Click Here

Manipal Manual of Surgery

Some of my friends used to read this book. As this book has pointwise discussion along with large text size than SRB. But SRB took out few points from Bailey Love and follow them, so most of the exam questions come from SRB Manual. And that’s why I listed SRB as my primary one. But this Manipal Manual is also very good and at the end of the year I also read some topics from this book. You can choose any of these books as your primary book for surgery.

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Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery

“Bailey & Love is the world famous textbook of surgery. Its complete coverage includes the scientific basis of surgical practice, investigation, diagnosis, & pre-operative care. Its reputation for unambiguous advice makes it the first point of reference for students & practicing surgeons worldwide.” Yes this line is copied from amazon. And of course we know that too. So if you have enough time go for it. But I would like to suggest between Manipal or SRB Surgery to get a good marks in exam.

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Other Surgery Theory Books

I’m listing here some popular surgery books for Post graduates trainees. The books are Schwartz’s Principles Of Surgery” or “Sabiston Textbook of Surgery”.

Buy from Amazon (Sabiston) : Click Here

Buy from Amazon (Schwartz’s) : Click Here

Surgery Practical Books

For Understanding surgery with a good concept, you need to read good practical books which has nice graphical presentation and point wise surgical steps. And I prefer Bedside Clinics in Surgery by ML Saha”. It is a very popular book for West Bengal Medical students. Though it has an extra advantage which other books don’t have. At the end of every topics there are questions and answers which are commonly asked by the examiners. So it helps you to pull up your base marks in examination. It was my primary book for Surgery practical along with the most popular book “A manual of Clinical Surgery by S.Das”. S.Das is good for the guidelines.

Buy from Amazon (ML Saha) : Click Here

Buy from Amazon (S.Das) : Click Here

Other Surgery Practical Books

Some popular operative surgery books are Farquharson’s Textbook of Operative General Surgery”, “Long Cases in General Surgery”.

Buy from Amazon (Farquharson’s) : Click Here

Buy from Amazon (Long Cases) : Click Here


DC Dutta’s Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

This book is more than enough for your OBG knowledge. This book features comprehensive guide to diagnosis and management of gynaecological disorders. You don’t have to read all the topics of this book. OBG is a small subject and there are also few questions which are repeated on exam. So find out those questions from your board previous year exam papers and read through this book.

Buy from Amazon (OBS) : Click Here

Buy from Amazon (GYN): Click Here

Other Theory Books

If you don’t want to spend more time for this small subject then go with “Self Assessment & Review Gynecology”/ “Self Assessment & Review Obstetrics”. 

Buy from Amazon (Obs) : Click Here

Buy from Amazon (Gyn) : Click Here

For WBUHS students I would prefer “QUEST : A KEY TO UG OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY” . Trust me, it is the life saver for your final year OBG Exam.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Practical Books

The best practical book for gynaecology is Bedside Clinics In Gynecology by Arup Kumar Majhi” and for obstetrics is “Bedside Clinics In Obstetrics by Arup Kumar Majhi”. I know that these books are not mentioned anywhere. But after getting these books you can actually realise the importance of this book. 

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Ghai Essential Pediatrics

This is the one and only book which brings you a good marks along with a good concept. It’s not important to finish the book line by line, because in paediatrics theory exam, it contains a few marks. If you follow previous years question papers then you can also find that there are few questions which has been asked in exam repeatedly. So you need to go through those topics in this book. And that’s it.

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The Short Textbook of Pediatrics

I don’t read this book, but I got a very good feedback from various students. This book is concise and cover all the topics with a point wise description. If you are not happy with Ghai or Quest, I must say that “Go with this book”

Buy from Amazon : Click Here

Paediatrics Quest

This was my book. Because the author who has written the book is from my college RG Kar MCH. And truly speaking, this book is just awesome. I recommended this book for WBUHS students as it contains previous year WBUHS PROF questions with answers. Try this book and i’m sure, you’ll feel the same.

Buy from Amazon : Click Here

Neonatology Notebook

Neonatology also contains 5-6 marks in your paediatrics paper. Though this topic is also discussed in OP Ghai, I recommended you to download this note crafted by RG Kar MCH (Paediatric Dept). I have friends outside West Bengal, who used to read this note also. Because the questions asked in the Prof Exam moreover same in All India.

Bedside Clinics in Paediatrics (Practicals)

This book is ultimate. There are various practical books but I used to read this. This book has simple language with proper presentation.

Buy from Amazon : Click Here

Other Paediatrics Books

Though I have listed these books of my choice in this post, there are many other popular paediatrics books which you can try. Other theory books are ” Nelson Textbook od Paediatrics (For Theory) ” Scott Paediatrcis (For Theory) “.


In Final Year Orthopedics comes under Surgery. So there are some popular books for orthopedics listed below. My primary book of orthopedics was ” Handbook for Orthopedic Examination by KB (For theory and Practical) ” ” Essential Orthopaedics by Maheshwari (For Theory and Practical) “. Reading any of these books, you can aggregate a good concepts.

Buy from Amazon (KB) : Click Here

Buy from Amazon (Maheshwari) : Click Here

The books listed here are not the ultimate. These are my preferable books and I used to read from them. But it varies person to person. But I must say that any book is good, if you read the topics attentively and try to understand the concept behind these.


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